Evolving Islamic Psychology: Past, present and future

The Inaugural Conference of the International Association of Islamic Psychology, in partnership with Istanbul Zaim University.

To register visit: islamicpsychology.org/iaip-conference 

Presenters include:
Professor Dr. Malik Badri
Professor Dr. Amber Haque
Professor Rasjid Skinner
Abdallah Rothman
Dr. Hooman Keshavarzi
Hakim Archuletta
Imam Mohamad Magid
…and more

Following the theme of this conference presentations will address the following three categories:
Past- Showcasing the vast resources within the Islamic tradition that help define and lay the foundation for a paradigm of psychology from an Islamic perspective. Highlighting how the works of classical scholars have paved the way for the development of Islamic psychology. Highlighting how the Qur'an and hadith serve as guides to the psychology of human beings. Presenting accounts and examples of the great amount of work that has already been done in the development of the field over the past 40 some years.
Present- Demonstrating how the history of psychology from the Islamic tradition can and is being developed and contextualized in and for the modern world. Highlighting parallels with Islam and modern psychology, as well as examples of integration of Islam with modern treatment methods. Reporting on current research, innovative treatment development, and ongoing projects related to new trends in the field.
Future- Sharing visions for the future of the field and initiatives that are underway that are paving the way toward a future of Islamic psychology. Reporting on the development of courses, programs, clinics, institutes etc. Articulating ideas and intentions for educating and training new generations of researchers and practitioners in the field of Islamic psychology as well as potential ways for colleagues in the field to combine energies in collaborative efforts.