International ITU Molecular Biology and Genetics Student Congress’18

ITU Molecular Biology and Genetics Student Congress has many offerings for its visitors. Our ultimate goal is to provide our guests and environment that would serve as a gateway for the future of our delicate science by letting them admire the work of numerous academically successful scientific academicians and professors, creating a meeting point for students whom are potential future colleagues or lab assistants. Your presence in the congress is our main method as us students are the very sources of ambition and curiosity.

We, as the ITU Molecular Biology and Students Club, host the congress, as we commit our time and efforts to ensure the highest quality congress we can achieve. The planning phase begins back in the year, as we delicately choose and invite the professors, fix the venue and look for sponsorships.

This year, we are hosting 28 professors from all around the globe with different cultures, languages and ethnicities and of course, different scientific fields. We invite you to enjoy the wisdom and knowledge of these precious people together with us.

Ultimately, the congress offers and environment in which students and professors are all part of something bigger than themselves, and environment where science is taught, thought and worked on, for the greater good.

Let us have you with us in this environment and build our future together. Science awaits you!


Early registration is 60 TL.


Registration for the poster presentation is 60 TL

Contact with [email protected] before registration.

(20 poster presentations will be accepted.)



You can access the early registration form by clicking the link below.

Normal registration price will be 90 TL after 5 September 2018.