Nezaket Ekici / Artist Talk and Book Launch

Nezaket Ekici: Artist Talk and Book Launch with Beral Madra and Derya Yücel

Present and Absent/ Diary Villa Massimo 2016/17 published at Kerber Verlag

"Are people still self-determined when they expose themselves unchecked to the consumption of clothing? The internationally renowned performance artist Nezaket Ekici examines this question in her most recent long-duration performance. During her ten-month scholarship stay at the German Academy Villa Massimo in Rome in 2016/17, the artist presented herself each day in new clothes that she purchased from the innumerable public clothing vendors in Rome and recorded as a photo in front of her Studio 1. Ekici wore the clothes the entire day and consequently interrogated her own identity. In photos and texts, the accompanying publication shows how the artist approached the question of her own identity emotionally using over 500 pieces of clothing."

After Artist talk will be Book salling with signature of the artist. Book Price: 40 Euro

Nezaket Ekici , born in Turkey 1970 moved to Germany in 1973 with her Family. She live and works in Berlin and Stuttgart. She studied painting and sculpture in Munich, then moved into performance art and completed a master’s degree in Performance Art with Marina Abramovic in Braunschweig in 2004. She has presented her work worldwide in museums, biennales, galleries and festivals; with a total of more as 200 different performances, on 4 continents, more than 150 cities and 50 countries. Her work touches on gender, politics, religion, Turkish-German identity, art history and architecture. The ideas and thoughts generated by these topics form the bases for her artwork. Ekici’s ideas come from the social and cultural aspects of everyday life situations, and are expressed in performances and installations. She uses the body as a means of expression; sometimes, the artistic idea is expressed using the body alone; at other times, the body is used as part of the installation and within the context of a presentation to an audience. Ekici deals with subjects concerned with time, movement, space, material, body, and action/interaction. She tries to create works of art that leave the viewer free to make their own associations and new possibilities. By taking specific situations from everyday life and placing them in a new context she aims to interconnect all the elements to form a total work of art — a “Gesamtkunstwerk”.